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Gaga Part 2 - 256 icons

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* No copyright infringement intended. I did not take these photos. I am not making money off of these icons.
* Please don't hotlink.
* Credit and comments aren't necessary but they're appreciated! I don't mind multiple comments either.
* All icons may be used as bases, meaning you can customize them however you'd like. Even those with text.
* If you customize I'd love to see what you make.
* Icons can be redistributed and posted in your blog, community, website, etc. No need to ask but I'd love to know where they're going.
* If you see something misspelled or spot a broken link please let me know.

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GRRR. I posted plus size modeling shots of plus size model Velvet D'Amour and photobucket censored a BUNCH because they show her skin. That's it. No nudity, just shots you'd see in a fashion magazine. I guess fat skin is more offensive? Assholes.

Anyway this week: Lady Gaga and Velvet D'Amour.
gaga fame monster

I suck, I know. Happy New Year! 169 Icons

I don't like posting a few icons at a time so these have been piling up. I didn't find very good quality pics for the Lady Gaga and Criminal Minds so feel free to hate them >_<

Cosmetics x 23(11 Juicy Couture, 4 Benefit, 2 Stila, 2 Too Faced, 3 Heidi Klum Kali costume, 1 Pink Clown costume)
Stock x 34
Criminal Minds x 34
Warehouse 13 x 78 (Spoilers for season 1)


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240 Random Icons

Random (funny, lolcats, my little pony, family guy, mytbusters, vampires, lilo and stitch, comics, kim possible, majandra, superman, paganism, lord of the rings, kim kardashian, lindsay lohan, christianity, cupcakes, etc.)


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